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These are perfect for you if you don't stitch much or just prefer individual patterns. No code necessary; the sale is already running.




I get so many questions about what software I use to design my cross stitch patterns and how to make a pattern from a photo; well PC Stitch can do both!

(PC Stitch is a software for a computer and you will need one to download the software. They do have a free version so you can try it before you buy, but to use all the functions you do have to buy it.)

And in this new mini-course, I am walking you through the basics of getting you started with this programme.

Inside you will learn:

  • How to import photos and change them into a pattern
  • How to get around once you're inside
  • How to set up your grid for designing
  • My tricks for picking colours
  • How to pick your symbols
  • How to use the different stitch functions
  • How to export your pattern and/or print it

There are a lot more features inside PC Stitch but this mini-course will get you started on how to use it and I cover everything that I use in PC Stitch to design patterns. The extra features are just that - extras! You do not need to know them to create your own cross stitch patterns.

By the end of the course, you will be able to confidently go into PC Stitch and know how to use it. But please note, I am not teaching you how to design patterns from scratch, but how to us the functions inside PC Stitch to create your own patterns.

I have already done this class live but you will get an updated recorded version that will be ready next week (10th March 2021). This will give you a chance to ask any questions you have about PC Stitch so I can answer them inside the class before you get it.

Plus you get access forever and can keep coming back to it to refer to when ever you need.



This Spring eBook has recently been updated to include some Summer patterns as well so there are now 25 patterns in total. Plus some fun bonuses and links to blog posts with finishing ideas for your patterns.

You can read more about the eBook here.



The wall planner is full of 12 cross stitch designs on a separate page and each page has an un-dated calendar at the bottom so you can plan your month and have a new pattern to stitch too!

The designs are mainly related to cross stitch such as "I CROSS STITCH WHAT'S YOUR SUPERPOWER?" but there are a couple of seasonal ones in there too such as "'tis the season for cosy cross stitch".

But as the planner is un-dated you can use any design for any month you choose! Just print it off and fill in the dates.

I love printable wall planners and usually have 3 printed off and stuck on my wall so I can see the next 3 months at a quick glance. No flipping pages!

The planner is hosted in Teachable which means every time I add a new page you get access to if for FREE!

Full list of patterns:

Dream Bigger
Cross Stitch Feeds my Soul
Craftiness is Happiness
But First Cross Stitch
Peace Calm and Happiness
Hello Summer
Stitch Now Sleep Later
Cosy Cross Stitch
Stitchers Gonna Stitch
Give Thanks
Shine Brighter

calendar images laid out in row


The course has everything you need inside to get you started in cross stitch. By the end of the course you will feel so much more confident in your stitching and have a new hobby you can enjoy forever.

Inside you will find video tutorials on getting started in cross stitch, fractionals, French knots, how to stitch on evenweave, how to stitch with light effects and colour variation threads and so much more!

And it's about to get a huge update in April with lots more tutorials, tips and trick being added!

It is perfect for you if you are a complete beginner to cross stitch and will save you so much time searching through ALL the YouTube videos to find what you need.

You get lifetime access to all the updates for FREE and it comes with a 30-day happiness guarantee; just get in touch within 30 days if you're unhappy with the course and I will happily give you a full refund.

You can read more about the course here.


dmc colour guide graphic with mock up templates of guide

FREE DMC Colour Palette Guide!

I just love putting colour palettes together so I created this guide to share some with you! Just click below and inside Teachable you can download the guide. If you don't already have a Teachable account you may need to make one.


The Peace Calm and Happiness Stitch-a-Long

This SAL was a daily one I ran in April 2020 and it's still all laid out as a SAL inside or you can skip to the end and download the full pattern.

You can view photos of this on my Instagram or keep it as a mystery!

Each day of the design is something to stitch but also a prompt of something you can do to bring more peace, calm and happiness into your day.

You can read more about the SAL here.


find your hobby live workshop graphic

Introductory price of just $12!

This brand new workshop will help you not only discover your perfect hobby, but also re-discover yourself.

I know many of you already cross stitch, but if you want another hobby (yes, you're allowed 2!) and aren't sure what you would like to do then this workshop will help.

Inside you will learn:

How to re-discover your likes and dislikes after years of giving yourself to everyone else.
How to narrow down your hobby search so you're not overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

How to know if a hobby sounds good to you and is worth pursuing so you don't waste your time trying ones out that aren't your favourite.

How to figure out how to learn/participate in your hobby. For example, should you do it online, get a friend involved?

How to fit your new, exciting hobby into your life no matter how busy or full it is so you spend time every day filling yourself up and having fun.

You can read more about the workshop here. It's happening on the 29th March 2021 at 12pm GMT but don't worry if you can't come live as you will have access to the replay!


countdown to christmas stitch-a-long graphic with snowflakes

This SAL was a weekly one I ran in Autumn 2020 and it's still all laid out as a SAL inside for you to follow along at your own pace. And you can still keep it as a mystery if you haven't already seen it on my social media.

Inside this Christmas SAL, not only is there a fun pattern to stitch and tutorials on how to turn it into an advent calendar but there are also tutorials on doing French Knots and Confetti Stitches.

You can read more about it here.


Are you strugging to find the time to fit cross stitch into your day?

I hear that a lot. Like every day. In fact, when I ask what your biggest struggle is with cross stitch 90% of the answers are around time. And this has been true for the past 6 years that I've been asking this question.

I want to help you!

As much as I wish I could give you more time, I can't. But I'm working on something else.

In all honestly, I don't know what the finished idea will be. A course/class, a workbook... maybe both.

But I do know this has been inside of me for almost 2 years and I'm ready to birth it.

If you want to be the first to hear details about this new "thing" about fitting cross stitch into your days you can sign up for the waitlist below.

You will be the first to hear details, get the best pricing and be able to share your struggles with me so I can best help you.


You're amazing! Whether you buy a class, course, pattern or just grab the freebies, thank you SO much for coming along to check out the sale.

I hope you find something that will bring you a little joy this week. If there is anything you were hoping to see that wasn't here just let me know.

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Now go get stitching ♥