How would you like to learn my COMPLETE how to cross stitch system?

Introducing: How to Cross Stitch for Beginners


This course will have you STITCHING LIKE A PRO!

"I recently purchased your beginner class for cross stitch! I had purchased some things to get started & thought I would be able to rely on YouTube or Pinterest, but was really struggling to get started. I started looking on Instagram & stumbled across your page, and I’m so glad that I did! Your class has been SO helpful! I’m almost finished with the Bee pattern & can’t wait to start my next! Thank you so much for offering this class!" Jacqui Jones; a happy stitcher!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are, looking for a new hobby to de-stress but you are worried about your cross stitch skills.
  • You know cross stitch would be such a great creative outlet but you aren't sure how to squeeze this new creative interest into your busy day.
  • You're so frustrated from searching through YouTube for how-to cross stitch videos, only to have to keep pausing and rewinding the 20-minute long video... and then get interrupted and forget where you were at.
  • You feel that creativity inside just itching to come out; you want that feeling of making something with your hands but never actually get around to doing it.
  • You want to create cute and simple cross stitch designs, but are struggling to find any that match your style.
  • To jumpstart this new interest, you want to learn to cross stitch in the fastest and simplest way possible; you don't have time to waste!

How do I know all this?

Because it used to be me!

It doesn't have to be you anymore though.

I've got you covered. What if I told you...

  • You can learn how to cross stitch with a step-by-step format and videos that never disappear, all in one place.
  • You can learn to cross stitch without the overwhelm with quick, broken down videos that you can tick off once you've watched.
  • You can find the time to fit cross stitch into your days no matter how full your life is, by using the special bonus included in this one-time-offer.
  • You can have a new hobby that will bring joy, fun and creativity to your day, every day, as well as being practical for family life and busy days.
  • You will find those FREE cute and simple designs that you will be stitching in no time.
  • You can learn quickly so you can spend less time learning and more time stitching.
  • By the end of the course, you will know what "frogging" is, how to make a French knot and be able to walk into a needlecraft store knowing EXACTLY what to buy.
  • You will be able to fill your home with new projects you created yourself (bragging rights included).

When I had my first baby, and I was right in the trenches of newborn life, I had the overwhelming urge to create something - anything!

But I had no idea how to find the time to learn a new hobby or fit it into my full life of feeding, weighing, doctors appointments, rocking, cooking and sleep-deprivation.

6 years later I look back, and not only did I find the time, but I have also had another baby, started a business, went back to university and still manage to cross stitch every single day.

And I know you can too.

This craft has brought so much fulfillment to my days, and I want the same for you.

What exactly you will learn in the course:

  • All of the materials you need to get started in cross stitch.
  • A cross stitch glossary.
  • How to start, make and finish a cross-stitch.
  • How to backstitch.
  • How to do a French knot.
  • How to do fractional stitches.
  • How to cross stitch on evenweave.
  • How to stitch with light effects thread.
  • How to stitch with satin thread.
  • How to stitch with variations thread.
  • What to do when you make a mistake.
  • How to grid your fabric.
  • And so much more!

"I have really enjoyed this course so far! Hannah takes her time explaining things and has helped me learn so much about cross stitch! She’s easy to listen to and has a calming voice that helps if I get frustrated about something. The patterns that she includes in the course are cute too! I’m glad that I bought this course. I can’t wait to see what else is in store!" Christina; a happy stitcher!

When you purchase this course you will get:

10 modules 

Full of broken-down video tutorials so you can learn during the small gaps during your day and skip ahead to what you need. Access forever!

$37 value

A PDF, printable Cross Stitch Planner

So you can jot down all of those patterns you want to create and plan out when you will stitch them.

$9 value

10x Cross Stitch Patterns

So you can dive straight into some projects that are quick and easy wins.

$20+ value

Bonus #1: How to Create a Cross Stitch Habit Guide

So that you can find the time to fit cross stitch into your full life and create a habit that will have you stitching every day.

$7 value

Bonus #2: 50 Ideas of Things to Make from Cross Stitch

So you can save money on all those gifts you have to buy throughout the year and make some instead. Right now we can't get out to shops to buy these gifts either!

And so you don't end up with a box of completed cross stitch pieces that you don't do anything with. Not that I've done that, of course ...

$7 value

Everything that I have been learning and teaching about cross stitch for the past 7 years is in this course. Don't waste your precious time searching for your cross stitch answers. They're right here!

Just imagine if...

  • You could spend your evenings using your hands and relaxing your mind instead of scrolling your phone.
  • You could transform threads and fabric into a beautiful design you can use to decorate your home.
  • You spent your days making your own projects instead of watching what others are making.
  • You could create thoughtful, handmade gifts for your loved ones that will be treasured for years to come.
  • You learned to cross stitch and loved it so much you start your own business selling your pieces.

"Although I wasn’t a complete beginner to cross stitch, Hannah’s How to Cross Stitch for Beginners course filled the gaps in my knowledge. It gave me tons of extra hints and tips, from thread length and how to finish a piece, to which size needle to use. The course is super practical to fit in, even for the busiest schedules – the lessons are short, well explained and the visuals clear. The free planner also got me inspired and planning projects to come. I really can’t fault this course!" Belinda Johnston; a happy student!


How long do I have access to the course and bonuses for?

How does forever sound? That's right, as long as the course exists, you will have access to it and any future updates I make.

I'm not that crafty, can I take this course?

The great thing about cross stitch is that it is one of the easiest crafts to learn. In my community, I have teachers, lawyers, social workers, and even a zookeeper! You don't have to be super crafty to learn how to cross stitch.

I'm SO BUSY, will I really be able to fit this into my life?

The course is broken down it small, manageable videos that you can dip in and out of. Teachable, where the course is hosted, even has an app on iOS so you can learn right from your phone. And it keeps your place, so if you are interrupted you can dive back in right where you left off!

And after you have completed the course and are ready to start relaxing with your cross stitch project, the bonus guide on making cross stitch a habit will help you find the gaps in your day that you can fill with cross stitch and other hobbies. I do not tell you to stitch at X time for X amount of minutes; I know everyone leads different lives and this guide helps YOU find the best time to fit stitching in for your life.

You've got a free guide, do I need this too?

The free guide is great and will absolutely get you started with cross stitch and teach you how to stitch simple patterns.

This course goes so much deeper.

In the guide, there are photo tutorials on how to do the basic cross stitch. In the course there are video tutorials on so many more stitches; the basic X, backstitching, French knots and fractionals.

In this course, you can watch exactly where I put my needle and copy and hear me walking you through each and every step for learning how to cross stitch.

If you are serious about learning a new hobby and actually finding the time for it (which you totally can do) then this ultimate system is for you.

How does the ordering process work?

Once you click to enrol, you will be taken to checkout at Teachable, where the course is hosted.

Please note, if you are in the E.U. you will have a little bit of extra VAT added on for the digital tax download tax laws.

You can then choose to pay via credit card or PayPal. The course is priced in $ but your payment provider will convert it for you if you are paying in a different currency.

You can also make an account with Teachable, you just need your name and email and then you can set a password later. This is how you can log in and access your course whenever you want, and get access to all future updates I make on the course.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, if you aren't entirely satisfied with your course just get in touch within 30 days for a full refund.