Love cross stitch? Love stitch along's? Love community?

Then you will love the membership from Hannah Hand Makes where you get access to all the SALs I run plus an amazing community of over 140 stitchers just like you.

Join for $12 a month

The Cross Stitch Club has:

  • Exclusive year-long SALs (broken down into monthly releases to help keep you on track).
  • Access to all other SALs I run through the year (usually 3-4 per year).
  • Extra exclusive SALs (as well as the regular SALs there will be others that run ONLY inside the Cross Stitch Club).
  • Quick stitches (each month will include a pattern or 2 that is quick and easy to finish. These will also come with a commercial license. You get access to all past patterns so far too).
  • Regular online meetups (join in on Zoom to stitch together, have a chat and/or ask any of your questions).
  • Seasonal online retreat days (you have access to the replays of our Autumn, Christmas and Spring and Summer ones already inside. Next up is Harry Potter).
  • Facebook community (just for members of the Cross Stitch Club this will be where you will all be able to connect with each other).
  • Tips, tricks and tutorials (each month will have bonus tutorials that you can request for me to put in).
  • BONUS: A chance to be on my podcast (I would love to have you on to share your cross stitch story and you will get that chance inside the membership).

The nitty gritty details!

Let's take a closer look at what's included & all those details you're dying to know:

Exclusive Book Shop SAL

  • This will be released monthly for 12 months starting 16th June 2023.
  • It is a bookshop theme and like all of my other SALs it is a mystery.
  • It has 3 different palettes (including Halloween) and we are making bookends from the design.
  • It is exclusive to the Cross Stitch Club so you will not be able to find this SAL anywhere else.
  • As you will be inside the SAL I can help you change it/pick new colours etc on one of the online meetups.

And you can access the past 3 exclusive SALS; Market Day, Sweet Kingdom and Tea and Cake.

Access to regular SALs

  • I usually run 3-4 SALs a year and instead of joining each one every time you will get access to them all inside the membership.

The community

Monthly extras

  • There are regular online meetups on Zoom. You can ask me anything on these even questions about business/how I design patterns. Plus monthly challenges for some accountability.
  • Join the free Facebook group exclusively for Cross Stitch Club members so you can connect with your stitch sisters (and misters).
  • Bounce ideas off each other, inspire and motivate each other and make friends. The community and connection are what this membership is all about.
  • The quick stitch patterns will usually be ones that fit in hoops between 4-7 inches. You will have a commercial license for these patterns which means you can sell any finished pieces that you make with these patterns (you just can't re-sell the pattern).
  • Each month you can request a tutorial or class you would like to see the month after and if I can do it I will share it. So far we have French Knots, organisation, finding time and designing patterns, making ornaments and more.
  • There will also be other weekly exclusive SALs running inside on top of the year-long and regular SALs. I adore running SALs so there will always be one happening inside the membership..

You will love joining the Cross Stitch Club because:


I want to make it so easy for you to enjoy your favourite hobby. That's why you can just log in each month to access everything the membership offers.


You get access to all the SALs I will run in the future plus exclusive ones inside the Club as well as extra patterns to download each month.


This is not just about cross stitch pattern but also about the community inside. That's why there will be regular online meetups, a Facebook group and the chance to be on the Cross Stitch Podcast.


Get regular tutorials that you can request. Want to know how to do a French Knot or how to do a confetti stitch? Just ask and I will put new videos inside each month as well as extra tips and tricks.

A few comments from members


What is a Stitch Along?

A stitch along is an event where we all stitch the same pattern together over a set number of weeks/months for a certain length of time.

How will I get inside after I join?

Once you have joined the membership there will be a link on the confirmation page taking you right inside, plus you will get an email. You should either have to create an account with Teachable (the platform that hosts the membership) or log in if you already have an account.

When can I join?

Right now you can join the membership at any time.

What comes with the purchase?

This is a fully digital product so you join and get access to everything I shared above such as the exclusive SALs, the regular SALs, the quick stitch patterns, etc.

Do you offer refunds?

After joining the membership you can't get a refund for previous months but you can cancel at any time. If you do cancel, you will lose access to any future material but will be able to download any patterns that are already inside before you leave.

How long do I have access to the membership for?

This is an ongoing membership so as long as you keep up with your monthly payments you can say inside. The price you join with will be the price you pay forever.

It's time to join your new favourite club!