How would you like an undated planner so you can plan out your projects for an ENTIRE YEAR?

Introducing: The PDF Cross Stitch Project Planner

Grab the planner and print it off over and over again for years to come!



Does this sound familiar?

  • You have so many ideas for new cross stitch projects but no safe place to keep them.
  • You see patterns online you want to stitch but quickly forget about them.
  • You're so frustrated by having to look through the piles of papers and notebooks for your plans for that new cross stitch pattern.
  • You start stitching a new pattern and halfway through you realise you forgot to buy a colour you need... another 3 days waiting for it to arrive.
  • You sometimes get stuck knowing what to stitch next even though you know you have seen 100 designs online that you love.

How do I know all this?

Because it used to be me!

It doesn't have to be you anymore though.

I've got you covered. What if I told you...

  • You can have somewhere to keep all those project ideas safe, and all in one place.
  • You can write down those patterns you find in your very own planner just for you.
  • You can find your ideas quickly and easily and know exactly what to stitch next.
  • You can write down the exact colours the pattern needs and write a shopping list underneath for the colours you need to buy. And tick them off once they arrive.
  • You can break your patterns down to keep you on track and ensure those huge patterns don't overwhelm you.
  • You will be more organised which means more time for stitching.

When I had my first baby, and I was right in the trenches of newborn life, I had the overwhelming urge to create something - anything!

But I had no idea how to find the time to learn a new hobby or fit it into my full life of feeding, weighing, doctors appointments, rocking, cooking and sleep-deprivation.

6 years later I look back, and not only did I find the time, but I have also had another baby, started a business, went back to university and still manage to cross stitch every single day.

And now planning my projects gives me so much to look forward to and keep me on track so I can fill my home with my cross stitch designs and run a cross stitch business.

What exactly you will find in the planner:

  • Space to mind map ideas for projects.
  • Space to plan out your projects for the year ahead.
  • Un-dates pages so you can start planning today and still get a full year of use from the planner.
  • Space to plan out individual cross stitch patterns such as the designer, the size, the colours needed and more.
  • Blank grids in case you want to have a go at designing your own patterns.
  • Space to break down the pattern so you can keep yourself on track and set yourself a finish-by date.
  • Places to jot down notes, daydreams, shopping lists, sketches, and more.
  • The PDF version that you can download and print again and again! You can get it professionally bound, or use a long binder clip to hold it together.

Just imagine if...

  • You could spend an hour looking through designs to stitch and have a colourful planner to store them for months ahead.
  • You could keep yourself on track with your stitching and always finish on time.
  • You spent more time stitching the designs you love rather than searching for them every time you need a new pattern to stitch.
  • You had so many ideas on what to stitch next and a system for keeping those ideas organised.


How long do I have access to the planner for?

How does forever sound? That's right, you can download the planner and print it again and again. It's even kept in Teachable so if you lose your download you can just log in and download it again.

How does the ordering process work?

Once you click to download your planner, you will be taken to checkout at Teachable, where the planner is kept safe for you.

Please note, if you are in the E.U. you will have a little bit of extra VAT added on for the digital tax download tax laws.

You can then choose to pay via credit card or PayPal. The planner is priced in $ but your payment provider will convert it for you if you are paying in a different currency.

You can then make an account with Teachable; you just need your name and email. This is how you can log in and access your planner whenever you want, and get access to all future updates I make on the planner.

Do you send me a planner?

No, this is PDF planner that you can download and print at home or send it to be printed by a separate company.

How many pages is the planner?

It's 100 pages, but you can choose to leave some pages out if you don't want to print that many at home. For example, if you don't want to design your own patterns you can leave out the blank grids.