Are you ready to de-stress with a new cross stitch project?

You deserve time for your own hobby. You're running around trying to be teacher, employee, spouse, caregiver, cleaner, cook and more. Not only do you deserve the time but you need it.

The Heart of the Home Stitch-a-Long not only gives you a new project to relax with (broken down into weekly chucks), but you also get an encouraging and motivating community all stitching along with you.


"So fun seeing everyone's creativity. So inspiring!" Lauren; past SAL stitcher.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You find yourself stuck at home a lot more this year, and are feeling a little lonely.
  • You love cross stitch but you don't know what to stitch next.
  • You're feeling anxious and worried about everything going on in the world right now.
  • You feel that creativity inside just itching to come out; you want that feeling of making something with your hands but you're struggling to find the time or motivation.
  • Your cross stitch stash is overflowing... you need a new project!

I've got you covered. What if I told you...

  • You can join a community of stitchers who are all stitching the same project along with you; there is no better motivation than seeing everyone else's progress.
  • You will have a brand new project to stitch while you're stuck indoors!
  • You can enjoy the hobby that brings you joy, fun, and creativity to your day, every day, and I have lots of tips to fit more stitching into your life.
  • You can use up colours from your stash to stitch this design or treat yourself to some new threads.
  • By the end of the SAL, you will have a brand new banner to hang up and enjoy displaying in your home.

"All my hard work has me feeling very accomplished! Thank you Hannah Hand Makes for the pleasure of this Xmas SAL. I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process!" Jax; past SAL stitcher.

I've been running Cross Stitch-a-Longs since 2017, and I've been hooked ever since. This one is my 10th!

I just love the community that evolves throughout a SAL. It's like when you're reading the same book as your best friend; you talk all about it and guess what's coming next. That's exactly what happens during a SAL, and you don't often see that in the cross stitch community.

This design is perfect for hanging in either your kitchen or your kitchen/dining room area. There are 2 different ends to the pattern so you can choose which fits the layout of your home better.

The design is kept as a mystery but if you don't like surprises you can take a peek at it at the end of this page. I just ask that you don't show anyone else this, please!

I can't wait to hear your guesses on what's coming for this design and see them all hung up in your kitchens/dining rooms in April!

Don't miss out on the live element of the stitch-a-long; it's truly what brings the magic to the stitching.

Just imagine ...

  • If you could spend your evenings using your hands and relaxing your mind instead of scrolling your phone during this stressful time we find ourselves in.
  • If you spent your days making your own project instead of watching what others are making.
  • If you could transform threads and fabric into a beautiful banner that you can use to bring some extra joy and love to your home.
  • Making new friend during the S.A.L. who also love to cross stitch.
  • Having the motivation to finish a project and giving yourself that time to stitch every week.

Give me the details!

  • We start stitching on Sunday 21st February 2021 and every week until the 28th March a new part of the design is released for you to stitch. And on the 4th April 2021, we finish the S.A.L. and I show you how to turn your design into a banner that you can hang up!
  • This SAL will be hosted in Teach:able to make it easier for you to access the patterns; they will all be in 1 place with clear "week 1", "week 2" headings as you can see above. You can view the pattern directly in Teachable and/or download it.
  • There will be a list of the materials you need inside and links to different stores you can purchase supplies from.
  • This design includes some backstitching and a few 3/4 fractional stitches, but I will have links to tutorials you can watch and won't be stuck on any of the parts.
  • The pattern is a counted cross stitch pattern with full colour blocks and symbols.
  • The finished banner measures approx. 8.5 x 10.5 inches.
  • The design has 2 different colour palettes; Peachy Sweet (on the blue) and Spicy Heat (on the grey). Or you can also use colours you already have to use up your stash!
  • There are kits available for this SAL which include everything you need to make a banner. There is a link to purchase them via my Etsy store once you're inside. They cost between $24 (£18) - $43 (£32) depending on what options you choose/what extras you get.

And don't miss out on these special bonuses just for you!

An extra Home Sweet Home pattern for free

To keep you busy while you wait for the S.A.L. to start I have also included a PDF cross stitch pattern for you to stitch for FREE!

It has it's own separate colour pattern that you could use for the S.A.L. too.

A DMC Colour Palette Guide and Planning Sheets

If you are struggling to pick your own colours you can use the PDF Colour Palette Guide to help you. It has 20 done for you DMC colour palettes and it's yours for FREE!

Plus stay on track with your pattern with free PDF Cross Stitch Planning Sheets.

Here's what people say about my stitch-a-longs...


How long do I have access to the SAL for?

How does forever sound? That's right, as long as Hannah Hand Makes exists, you will have access to it, even after we finish stitching. You can also download all of the patterns to keep on your own device.

Can I see the design before I order?

Of course. Although I keep the design a secret if you don't like mysteries just scroll to the bottom where you can click to see a small peek or a big peek at the design.

I want to join, but I'm not sure I will be able to make a banner?

I keep my tutorials pretty simple. You will be able to hand stitch the banner or use a sewing machine if you want to make it quickly/have one.

And you don't have to make a banner; you can turn your design into anything you like or just simply frame it.

I'm SO BUSY, will I really be able to fit this into my life?

The SAL is broken down into small, manageable pieces of the pattern that are released each week. Teachable, where the course is hosted, even has an app on iOS so you can stitch right from your phone.

The goal is to finish by the 4th April, but don't worry if you fall behind you still have access after that. Just enjoy the process and don't worry about how long it takes you - cross stitch is meant to be relaxing.

How does the ordering process work?

Once you click to join, you will be taken to checkout at Teachable, where the SAL is hosted.

Please note, if you are in the U.K. or E.U. you will have a little bit of extra VAT added on for the digital tax download laws.

You can then choose to pay via credit card or PayPal. The SAL is priced in $ but your payment provider will convert it for you if you are paying in a different currency.

You then make an account with Teachable, and this is how you can log in and access your SAL whenever you want.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Unfortunately, for digital download patterns, there is no money-back guarantee. But you see the pattern before we start stitching as I said above to ensure you enjoy the design.

Do I have to show up anywhere at a certain time and/or day?

Nope. The live element of the SAL is that we are all stitching the same pattern over the same 6 weeks, and the pattern is released every Sunday. But you can log into Teachable and access it at any time; you don't have to show up for anything live.

I'm still a bit confused about how Teachable works, can you explain that more?

In the video below I show you the layout of Teachable to give you a visual of what it looks like inside.

"In love with the SAL; already can't wait for Sunday!" Emma; past SAL stitcher.


What are you waiting for, friend? Everyone has creativity inside. It's time to let yours out.